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How to stay busy during quarantine

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How to stay busy during quarantine

Develop a healthy and diverse daily routine. Eat healthy, you have the time to cook now. Get some work done. Learn something, develop yourself and your craft. Stay fit. Get some sun and fresh air, do some physical activity every day, again I don’t want to hear it, there is time for it. My best advice there, make it something you will enjoy.

Stay informed. Periodically check in for updates on what is going on in the world. I am a personal fan of One America News on the TV, and Chris Chappel on YouTube, I highly recommend him.

After that madness, spend a few minutes a day in quiet. It helps to calm the mind from constant stimulation and is truly relaxing. Spend a few minutes practicing your faith or just in mental silence, or both!… there is time for it. And just like any normal day, spend some time doing fun, and wind down. Develop a hobby you always wanted to, or whatever floats your boat 🙂

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