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Web Design & Development Process

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Web Design & Development Process

  1. Knowledge: During the knowledge step the customer and designer discuss the mission of the business and what the company hopes to achieve with a new website.
  2. Layout & Design: Once the designer has a better understanding of the business, the design work begins. Based on information provided, the web designer will create a design and send it to you for review. The design is worked on until you are 100% satisfied and love the way it looks!
  3. Implementation: Now that we have a final design we can begin building the actual website. The implementation step consists of creating the content management system, any additional features and integrating the final design. This step is where the website comes to life and you can start using all the features.
  4. Feedback: Now that the website is ready we want to hear your final feedback. If there is anything that needs tweaking we will make changes before the site goes live.
  5. Launch & Training: The new site is ready to be shown to the world! In the launch and training step, the website is made live for customers to see. Training is available to learn how to use the new content management system so you can make changes to the website content without knowledge of web coding.

  • Websites
    • Hosting
      • SSL Certificate (Figure 1)
        • Move domain to my hosting
          • Point to godaddy
          • Addon domain
          • 48 hours for the
            propagation time

    • Web Design
      • Framing
        • categories become skeliton.
          Pages are static. posts are dynamic – changing and generate content to
          drive content
        • Wireframing
          will do a basic layout
      • navigational content
      • Content generation
      • User Experience (UX)
      • SEO
        • 95% of all traffic from
          first page of google
        • 33% of all search traffic
          if first place for a search term
        • Keyword Research
          • Install keywords

            • Google adwords – needs
              credit card
          • Sell keyword analysis and
        • Optimization
        • Build Authority